Terms & Frequently Asked Questions


Postage and Delivery – The postage and delivery covers all handling costs and is available throughout Australia and Overseas. We require a FULL residential address to ship to and in most cases, we cannot deliver to a post box. If you are a “local” customer who’s postcode falls within our “zone”, the website will recognise this and apply “local free delivery” to your order at the checkout. Your order will be delivered by us, to your door, free of charge. If however, you are not home to accept delivery when we arrive at your delivery address, you will be charged for re-delivery at standard Australia Post shipping rates. PLEASE advise us of alternative delivery arrangements at the time of placing your order to avoid a re-delivery fee. Larger items may be delivered via a courier service and require a signature on delivery. Every attempt will be made to process orders within 24hrs of cleared funds. Delivery takes between 3-10 working days (International shipping may take longer) and we do not offer a weekend delivery service. *NOTE: Some items, ie: Lipo Batteries / Aerosol Paints and some other “toxic” or “flammable” products can only be shipped by road. These items cannot be shipped overseas.

Combined and Discounted Delivery Costs – We are happy to offer a combined postage service for orders placed over the phone. Via the website, your delivery costs will be calculated automatically. For phone orders, contact Andrews Scale Models for a combined cost on delivery. This will need to be paid either by a direct bank deposit or credit card over the phone. If you prefer, we can send you a PayPal Invoice for your order. Our delivery costs are based on Nationwide prices but in the case of courier deliveries for large items, Andrews Scale Models & Hobbies will always endeavour to find you the cheapest possible courier price for your order. These prices can vary greatly according to postcode.

Tracking your Delivery – Please contact Andrews Scale Models should you require a tracking number.

Warranty – Warranty is 1 month (30 days) from the date of purchase. NO exceptions. Most electronics and rc based products are covered by the Wholesaler’s Warranty Terms. Some of these items are covered for longer periods, ie: Radio Transmitter’s usually Include a 12 month warranty. Terms of specific warranties will vary with different Wholesaler’s. The warranty DOES NOT COVER any DELIVERY COSTS incurred by us.

Refunds and Returns – Your happiness is important to us but we do not refund for a change of mind. We will refund or repair any goods that are deemed to be faulty, so long as the goods are returned to us within a reasonable time frame and in “as new” condition.

Any returns should be mailed to our office at 11 Thornton Court Mooroolbark Victoria 3138.

Refunds for the product will either be deposited to your Paypal account or via a Direct Bank Deposit to your nominated Bank Account. If we are unable to determine the fault, the product will be returned to the Australian distributor for assessment, delivery costs to be paid by the customer. Should the fault be determined to be not covered by warranty all costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser, including the costs of the return delivery.

Pricing Errors – If an error is made and a product is listed with an incorrect price, Andrews Scale Models & Hobbies will cancel the sale of this item and immediately refund any monies that have been paid. We will endeavour to contact you and offer you the opportunity to purchase the product at the correct pricing.


Yes, we do offer on-line LayBy for in-stock items via the AFTERPAY function. Terms are as per Afterpay conditions. We do not use your personal information for any marketing etc and it will be kept only for the purpose of the Afterpay LayBy.

We DO NOT offer Afterpay LayBy’s for special order items.

Special Orders

We have access to a far wider range of products than what we can physically stock. We continually change our lines in order to make sure that “new release” products are made available to our customers. Please contact us for any information with regards to ordering “out of stock” or “new” items. We have access to a vast array of different brands and different models. If you need to place a “*special order” we will make sure you are aware of the cost and availability of the item prior to placing an order. We can also make you aware of any Shipping costs that may apply. *ALL special orders must be paid for in full, up front, prior to us placing the order.

My Lithium Polymer Battery is not working properly?

Lithium Polymer Batteries require specific Chargers and special handling. They provide a more efficient source of power in a smaller size and can greatly improve the performance of your Electric RC Vehicle. However, if misused, Lipo Batteries can be dangerous. Hard Case Lipo’s are a good idea for use in RC Cars as the outer casing provides the extra protection required for rugged use. Soft Case Lipo’s are better suited for use in Aircraft and Helicopters.

When charging your battery, a Lipo Balance Charger is mandatory. It will charge each cell evenly at the same time and prolong the life of your battery. A balanced charge at least every 6th charge is a good idea. Direct fast charging can then be used between each balance charge and greatly reduce charge times but should not be used continuously.

Lipo Batteries have a “Low Voltage Threshold”. If you discharge your Lipo below this point, it can “freeze” the cell and render your Lipo useless. Most quality Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers installed in RC Cars etc, have a built in Low Voltage Cut-Off function to protect your Lipo from over discharging. If your RC Speed Control does not have this function (ie: Brushed Electric ) you can purchase Lipo Low Voltage Alarms which will give an audible warning that your Lipo has reached it’s threshold and requires immediate charging.

Most Lipo’s also have a Maximum Charge rate. This is usually printed on the battery label and should be adhered to in order to avoid Over Charging. For example, if your Lipo has a capacity of 5000MaH, then you should be able to charge it at a rate of 5 Amps or more. You can set your Lipo Balanced Charger to charge at the correct “rate” according to the specifications of your Lipo Battery.

Lithium Polymer Batteries will eventually lose performance over time and require replacement. There are many factors which will vary the lifespan of your Lipo’s. One very important factor is “STORAGE”. If you are not using your Lipo it should be stored correctly, especially if it will not be used for an extended period of time.
As a rule of thumb:

1: Never store your Lipo in a fully discharged state. It will become un-useable and can become dangerous.

2: Never store your Lipo in a Fully charged state for extended periods. This can also cause your Lipo to become dangerous. The battery should only be in a fully charged state if it is to be used shortly after charging.

3: If you do not intend on using your lipo battery for an extended period of time, then you should discharge it to about ½ charge or around 30-40% remaining. Most quality Lipo Chargers will have a “Storage Charge” mode which will set your Lipo up for a long period of inactivity.

4: Whilst not a mandatory item, a Lipo Battery Checker is handy item for immediate checking of your Lipo’s state of voltage and Cell Balance.

Lithium Polymer Batteries DO NOT come with a Warranty. However, if you purchase a Lipo from Andrews Scale Models, and the battery is proven to be faulty, we will replace it or refund your money. Any Warranty Claim with regards to Lithium Polymer Batteries will be assessed by the Distributor!

Why can't I get my Nitro RC Car started?

Nitro cars require a level of patience, understanding of the way they work and above all, proper run-in and maintenance. When new, your Nitro Engine will be “tight”. This can make the engine difficult to start first time. It can be made easier by “pre-heating” the engine’s Cylinder Head with a heat gun or by simply leaving the car to sit in the sun with the body shell off for 10-15 minutes. This allows the metals to expand a little, which will “free up” the internal components and make pull starting less demanding.

You should always make sure your Glow Starter is fully charged or it’s battery is fresh. Check to make sure your Glow Plug is operational and if the car is brand new, refer to your manuals to make sure your High Speed, Bottom End and Idle screws are all set for run-in. Most quality RC Nitro Cars are “factory set” for this purpose.

It can also help to “prime” your engine first. Do this by either pulling the starter cord a few times whilst covering the exhaust pipe with your finger or by removing the Back Pressure tube from the exhaust pipe and blowing through it until you see fuel reaching the Carby. Don’t over-prime though, you may flood the engine and cause compression lock. If that happens, you will need to remove the glow plug, empty the excess fuel from the engine and start the process all over again.

With healthy batteries in both your Transmitter and Receiver Box, check for correct function of Throttle and Brake to be sure that you will have control of the car once started. Set your throttle trim to neutral and begin the start-up process by installing the Glow Driver on the Glow Plug. With short pulls, begin starting. You may need to alter your High Speed Needle a little to either allow more fuel (anti clockwise turn) or less fuel (clockwise). Only make small adjustments if required, more often than not, a slightly “richer” setting will help to get it started easier.

Once running, use your Throttle Trim on the Transmitter to set the Idle without stalling and run the car in tight slow circles, slowly increasing speed and duration through each tank of fuel. It will normally take at least three to four tanks before you can start to “lean” the mixture settings and slowly improve the performance of you car. Just make sure you always have that “blue smoke” coming from the exhaust. It may be a little rich, but it will prolong the life of your engine and keep it well lubricated and cool whilst the engine is still new.

Do I get a warranty with my RC Car?

All of our Radio Control Cars, RC Planes (RTF) and RC based Electronics (eg: transmitters, receivers, servo’s etc) come with a limited Warranty. The Warranty does not cover any product which shows any sign of crash damage or misuse by the owner. The RC products we sell require some level of responsibility by the owner. It is WISE to READ and UNDERSTAND the Manuals that come with the products we sell. They are written to provide you with the best possible explanation of the proper operation of your RC vehicle. They include important “Do’s and Dont’s” with regards to the correct methods of use and maintenance of your purchased item. Note: we DO NOT provide warranty on Lithium type Batteries.

If your new RC item is faulty and you can provide us with a receipt, we will do our very best to rectify the problem, either in-store, or if we cannot determine the cause of the fault, the product will be returned to the Australian Distributor for them to assess. If it is found to be a legitimate warranty claim, the product will be either replaced or your money refunded. If however the product fault is not covered by warranty, your item will be returned to you and you will be required to pay for the cost of the assessment and any freight costs incurred.

How often is your website updated?

Our website is updated daily and whilst we try and keep it as up to date as possible, we hope you will understand if we have sold out of a particular product before we have a chance to update our site.

Please feel free to give us a ring and we can tell you whether the item you are interested in, is currently in stock.

What is the best way to learn to fly Radio Controlled Aircraft?

There are couple of ways we recommend:

Many beginners start with a flight simulator on a home pc. We stock Great Planes’, Realflight G5.5. Realflight is widely regarded as the foremost Flight Simulator on the market. It comes with the disc ready to load onto your PC (with a great selection of planes and helicopters and a variety of air strips) and a Futaba Radio transmitter in Mode 1 configuration ( Mode 2 available upon request ) that connects to your PC through a USB cable. It gives the beginner the sensation of real radio control flying without the worry of crashing your first model. Simply ‘click’ the reset button and start again!

Some choose to start with the real thing. We stock a wide variety of trainer Aircraft and Radio Gear and can arrange a package to suit. We recommend joining your local model flying club, where experienced RC pilots can teach you the ropes. It is very important to remember that as an RC Aero modeller, YOU are responsible for your own actions. Large, heavy RC Aircraft are not designed to be flown in Public areas, especially by inexperienced modellers. We stock a range of Foam Park Flying RC Aircraft that are much better suited for the local public park.

Can I get spare parts for my RC car or RC Aircraft Engine?

We try to have most spare parts in stock for the cars we have in our range and we are always happy to order in anything that we may not have in stock.

What happens if I crash my plane? Can I get my money back?

If there is a fault or manufacturers defect with the Aircraft, we will be happy to refund or replace it. However, this will require an inspection and assessment by both the manufacturer and Andrews Scale Models.

What is the difference between mode 1 and mode 2?

Most people in Australia fly in mode 1. This means that the throttle and ailerons are on the right hand stick and the rudder and elevator are on the left. Mode 2 is the opposite of this.

Are Nitro Cars better than Electric?

This is personal preference. With new Brushless and Lithium Polymer technology, an electric car can go just as fast and hard as a nitro car without having to worry about tuning etc. For some though, the maintenance and sound of a Nitro car is all part of the fun.

Do the scale model kits come with paints and glue?

Some starer kits come with paints and glue included, otherwise the paints and glues are sold separately.

I recently purchased a product off ebay. Will you replace/repair it under warranty?

Unfortunately, Andrews Scale Models & Hobbies can only replace/repair products under warranty that have been purchased through our store. These warranty repairs etc are subject to the Wholesaler’s “terms”. However, if we have access to the “brand” through our Australian Wholesaler’s, we can repair or offer parts for your RC Vehicle or Aircraft. We normally charge $35.00 p/hr + parts (minimum $35.00 fee) for any repairs we carry out which are not covered by warranty.

What are the acronyms ARF, RTF and RTR?

ARF – Almost Ready to Fly
BnF – Bind ‘n’ Fly (Spektrum)
PnP – Plug ‘n’ Play
RTF – Ready to Fly
RTR – Ready to Run